In the coming years the growth of cities will aggravate the already existing problems of congestion, pollution, infrastructure optimization and reduction of resources. Industry, cities and authorities need urgently new solutions to correct the impact of this growth.
There is an urgent need for new ideas and we propose to meet this challenge through new technologies which also contribute as new management tools for its leaders, increasing economic prosperity, improving quality of life and satisfaction of its users and contribute to build a sustainable future.


Smart Living Projects was created with the philosophy of providing smart urban technologies
that are efficient, cost-effective, easy to handle, sustainable and can help in decision making.


Roberto Ponce
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Sergio Cercós
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Roberto Ponce and Sergio Cercós, co-founded Smart Living Projects, a US based company, within the vision of joining together a portfolio of the leading best-in-class innovative smart solutions in order to help create a better, sustainable future and a better quality of life. Associated with the major players in the emerging field of intelligent technology, SLP provides customers a broad portfolio of products and ensure the best existing solutions to new urban needs. SLP´s strength is in combining the best smart solutions together and integrating them on a same project.

SLP is aware of the opportunity that these new solutions can represent for development of countries and cities, the growth of their economies and quality of life of its citizens. SLP´s challenge is to help by deploying scalable and modular tools that can be adapted to different scenarios and the constant changes of the markets. Tools that operate intelligently and which are able to prevent disasters, make predictions, interpret data and proactively help in decision making processes, resulting at the same time in happier users.