Social benefits

  • Solutions of smart parking, traffic solver or smart bus system reduce the time people need to arrive to their final destination.
  • Mobility solutions help to reduce fuel consumption and other associated costs.
  • Smart traffic and parking solutions reduce accidents since they reduce the stress of being on a traffic jam or looking for a free parking space. Increases safety in the road.
  • Smart city solutions increase the satisfaction of citizens and improve their quality of life making them happier.

Enviromental benefits

  • Traffic is the cause of 40% of CO2 emissions and 70% of other pollutants coming from road transport. Those figures can be reduced significantly thanks to appropriate smart mobility solutions.
  • Efficient public transport system will push citizens to use them leaving the car at home.
  • Smart parking tools will reduce the time needed to find a free space and consequently the waste of energy and pollution.
  • Appropriate traffic solutions will help to relieve the traffic and congestion and the pollution caused by it.
  • Identification and localization of water, gas or fuel leakages with¬†a convenient infrastructure monitoring system can help prevent disasters.

Operational benefits

  • Smart traffic solution provides a tool to understand vehicle flow patterns and allows to plan and improve circulation in the city.
  • An adequate smart parking tool allows to classify parking area behavior by categories and plan construction of structures and improve their use.
  • The data proceeding from a smart city tool helps cities in better planning and development and therefore plays an important role in the growth of the local economy and productivity.
  • Pedestrian monitoring system help control and increase safety.

Economic benefits

  • Reduce the waste of natural resources through a monitoring system.
  • Smart solutions in smart cities make a smart use of natural resources as well as of human resources with a consequent reduction in city budgets.
  • Better traffic, parking or urban transport helps to promote commercial areas.
  • A smart parking system reduces fraud on paid-parking areas increasing profits.
  • The smart parking system also increases rotation on congested parking areas optimizing spaces and profits, in a paid-parking area, since more parking time will be purchased. The system also allows modular pricing strategies that makes the area more profitable.
  • A smart public transport system will be more efficient and consequently more enjoyable for the citizens causing an increase in use therefore making it more profitable.
  • Pedestrian tracking is an invaluable marketing and strategic tool with obvious economic advantages.