As smart city advisors, we provide two different kind of services:


First, at Smart Living Projects we advice on how to find the best scalable solution to help your city to become smarter. After several years of experience in the research of the best and innovative technologies for smart cities we have acquired knowledge in the process of developing real and scalable solutions to existing problems with a strength in finding the best way to build up a project from finding out the cause, thru the definition and the implementation on every step of the way.

There is a solution to every problem.
Just let us know what problems your city has.

Often the administrations are aware of the coming problems and they know new ideas are needed but sometimes they do not know how to start or where to search. We advise administrations on searching for new technologies and creating strategies to adapt those innovative solutions to fit into their reality, since every city is unique. Our aim is to link the municipalities to the best available solution.

Often cities deploy new technologies but after they do not know how to exploit them. This is our second important service as smart city advisors. We offer to be part of the process with the city, not only in the deployment but on the implementation of the new technological solutions to help cities find the tools and optimize their use and benefit maximizing all of its resources. We often see many new projects start correctly yet the technology company leaves the owner alone when facing new challenges.


Our philosophy and service is to accompany you as the client as long as you need to get familiar with the use of the new tools and to help you make the best decisions with all the new data that these new tools are giving you.