Indoor Parking

Our proposed indoor smart parking system is the first system of its kind capable of managing a network formed by hundreds of IP cameras that allow complete control and surveillance of any parking zone.


This solution offers all the possibilities that a traditional ultrasound system offers with the additional advantages of a system based on intelligent vision and digital cameras that record HD video, recognize vehicle license plates and emit automatic warning messages if any incident occurs inside the parking lot.

Parking guidance system:

An HD IP Camera is placed next to each parking space along with a green/red LED light which inform drivers of an empty or occupied space for easy guidance inside the garage. The strategically located Variable Message Signs alternately indicate the number of spaces in 3 directions distinguishing between standard parking and handicapped spaces.


Unique parking guidance system that features 24/7 video-recording of every parking space inside the garage.
Records any incidents or events like robberies, accidents, car collisions, etc.

Meanwhile, in the control room….


….someone is monitoring all the videos that are being recorded and stored in the system…

Total parking control:

A 24-hour video-recording of every parking space captures any incident or event.  An IP network connects all cameras and through Artificial Intelligence we can determine real-time occupancy, rotation, find a particular license plate, detect violators, double-parked vehicles, manage individually each space, etc.

Find your car functions:

The system indicates the exact place of a vehicle using the license plate or the parking ticket. Clients can look for their car at an information Kiosk, Mobile APP or at the payment station by entering the numbers or letters of their license plate or by scanning the parking ticket at the machine


Individual control of each slot:

The system includes the function of managing different parking zones by slots or areas and set different rates. Since the parking ticket is associated with a particular license plate, it is easy to identify where the client has parked and which rate to apply at the moment of payment at the machine. Penalties can be applied to vehicles in reserved parking spaces or vehicles parked in two slots, you can define groups of places for VIP clients, etc.