Infrastructure monitoring

Infrastructure is fundamental for the development of the world economy. Everyday life is based on the operation of infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, roads, tunnels, etc. They represent much of the capital investment of states.


The inevitable structural fatigue and its consequences has led governments around the world to impose safety standards and strict requirements on infrastructure maintenance. SLP proposes a system which is the most sophisticated wireless digitizer in the market.

Able to read the majority of geotechnical sensors we offer cutting-edge solution for creating intelligent monitoring wireless networks. Wireless solutions enable real-time monitoring of permanent civilian infrastructure such as bridges, buildings, tunnels, roofs, slope stabilization measures , etc. Avoiding long cabling systems and offering huge advantages in terms of reduced maintenance and inspection costs of large infrastructures as well as additional security and new business opportunities.


The annual costs of maintaining infrastructure typically amount to between 8-15% of GDP for most industrialized countries.

The system we offer allows significant reductions in the costs of monitoring infrastructures:


  • Reducing or eliminating periodic site inspections that are not required;
  • Thanks to its wireless features and small size it does not require large equipment for installation in difficult to reach places.
  • Obtaining information constantly ensures control over the condition of the structure and therefore can anticipate accidents or unexpected failures.
  • Optimizes maintenance cycles reducing them to those strictly necessary;
  • Avoids theft of elements of the structure thanks to its alarm system;
  • Reduce the cost of insurance on the structure by having information about its status in real time.

Our philosophy and service is to accompany you as the client as long as you need to get familiar with the use of the new tools and to help you make the best decisions with all the new data that these new tools are giving you.