Pedestrian tracking

We propose a unique and patented pedestrian tracking system that is privacy compliant, reliable, affordable and most important in Real-Time.


The proposed Pedestrian tracking system captures more than 65% of pedestrians that pass by our sensors.


Using the same technology we use for smart traffic tracking in cities, a sensor has been developed with a targeted spectrum ideal for indoor use and specific outdoor areas that need special attention.

These sensors capture signals from any Wearable device with Bluetooth technology or Wi-Fi enabled phones and tablets that pedestrian carry around with them. This information is received every 7 seconds. The end-client receives valuable data about the movement and behavior of people in a designated area.

Information like:

  • Pedestrian counts
  • Travel times
  • Flow distribution
  • Origin and destination
  • Congestion
  • Heat maps
  • Peak hours
  • Duration of the visit
  • Standing time at a particular spot
  • Attendance rates
  • Visitor profile (with opt-in option)
  • Repeat visitors

The tracking system we offer, combined with a smart camera counter system allows for 100% accuracy rate in knowing the number of people entering a designated area at any given time.


This solution is ideal for indoor use in airports, ports, security sensitive areas, retail properties, stadiums, museums, convention centers and for outdoor areas like parks, pedestrian streets, city plazas or any property where information about the number of visitors and their behavior is important. The area of tracking can be as small as knowing how customers move inside a store or as big as how visitors move around in an entire city.


This is an invaluable marketing tool for shopping malls, department stores, retail stores, casinos, hotels or other private businesses.