Public transportation

Using the same technology developed for intelligent traffic control system we can also provide information to citizens of the actual arrival time of a specific bus to a particular bus stop . That is, the same sensors can be used for both traffic control and for the information of public transport, optimizing the tool.


The user can know in real time how long it takes for their bus to arrive through an information panel at the stop itself. They can also have this information on the internet or mobile APP so they can optimize their time without having to walk to the bus stop until it’s the right moment to do so.


Unlike other similar tools that can be found on the market SLP´s solution is the only one that gives information in real time. It is important to distinguish; the solution we propose does not simply report where the bus is by GPS, instead we will inform how long it will take to get to the point where we are, taking into account the current traffic situation ahead of the bus until it reaches the desired bus-stop.


The information provided is not only useful for the citizen but it is also an invaluable tool for those responsible for urban transport since it allows them to know the exact behavior of system operation at each instant, historical analysis, comparing alternatives and ultimately making decisions critical to optimizing the system.