Smart Cities

Smart Living Projects uses technologies and systems designed to helps cities in the US and around the world reach a “smart” qualification in a fast, sustainable, efficient and simple manner always taking into consideration the basic needs of local governments and most importantly, the citizens of the city. Specializing in the field of mobility and real-time monitoring, SLP has a portfolio of proven solutions around the world for managing and reducing traffic in real-time, on-street and off-street public parking, bus monitoring, pedestrian tracking and infrastructure monitoring systems.


Our on-street smart parking sensors are perfect for city streets. About 30% of urban traffic is caused by drivers looking for parking. This system combined with guidance panels or Mobile APPs will reduce traffic in city streets and help drivers find an empty parking space much quicker.


The indoor-parking guidance and surveillance system gives private parking garage users the tranquility and satisfaction of finding a parking space quickly and having their vehicle watched by a video-recording camera 24/7. It has proven to increase revenues in shopping centers by increasing customer loyalty, improving security and creating happier shoppers.

Our smart traffic systems inform real-time traffic situation throughout the city with high accuracy and reliability. We integrate in a single platform information gathered from new or existing sensors, cameras, counters or any other source of data from all city agencies and departments. This data can easily reflect in a web platform all the information needed for operators to implement immediate solutions and can also be sent to screens in real time to inform drivers of congestion, accidents, alternate routes… Decreasing traffic and increasing citizen satisfaction and safety.

Our pedestrian traffic technology is ideal for pedestrian streets, government centers, stadiums, convention centers or any large government facility where there is interest in knowing how visitors behave. Thru this technology cities and building managers will know important information in real-time about their visitors like: Live counts, duration of visits, flow distribution, heat maps, peak hours, standing time at a particular spot, attendance rates, repeat visitors and visitor profile (with opt-in option).


Our Infrastructure monitoring systems informs in real-time the situation of any large structure. A network of sensors is created to record and emit wirelessly important information like structural stress, load, temperature, humidity, cracks, tilt, etc. This information can reduce and eliminate periodic site inspections on large buildings like stadiums, convention centers, shopping centers, domes or any type of structure that requires monitoring. Obtaining information constantly ensures control over the condition of the structure and therefore can anticipate accidents or unexpected failures while optimizing maintenance cycles, reducing them to those strictly necessary. This also reduces the cost of insurance on the structure by having information about its status in real time.